Forget about the tariff issues for now…

You may or may not be aware that we have technically started the 2020 election cycle. However, the real campaigning doesn’t start until later this month on June 26th when the first Democratic National Convention is scheduled.

The political vitriol in Washington is worse than ever before. The amount of negativity coming down the pike that will be on display morning, noon, and night through every media channel is going to have a negative effect on all of our lives, unfortunately. Whether you watch any media news or not, the markets do, and if you haven’t already learned, the S&P and Dow won’t respond well to this unparalleled level of contention coming out of Washington.

Anyone who has money invested in this market might as well prepare to board the “Emotional Roller-Coaster” as they watch their account balance up one day but down twice as much the next. Make no mistake, nerves are going to be tested, and huge sums of money are likely to be lost later this year, carrying over into 2020, because it is practically human investor nature to buy high and sell low.

The herd-type mentality of irrational investor behavior will be in full-force compounding volatility. Thus, the rich get richer, and poor get poorer. And, “We the People” are the innocent children caught between warring parents.

With this being said, now is the time to be more proactive in protecting the money you spent a lifetime earning. I urge you to go to my calendar link below and schedule a 15-minute complimentary financial coaching call to determine if you have hidden deficiencies in your current portfolio that will be detrimental to your wealth, and subsequently your health, during this next presidential election cycle.