Two Lies & The Truth

Scottsdale Wealth Advisory’s approach to financial planning was derived from many years of experience and realizations by its founder. Nearly all firms represent one of two factions of financial planning.

The first “investment” faction believes that buying and selling stocks is the answer to every investor question; these are typical household name “Wall Street” firms. The financial advisors of these firms believe that the insurance industry has no viable investment solution in financial planning .

The second “insurance” faction believes that buying annuities and life insurance and allocating all one’s money into insurance is the answer. The insurance agents of these firms often fear monger that the stock market is always on the precipice of crashing, thus recommending nothing other than annuities.

These factions are like Democrats and Republicans, arguing because each believes they have an end-all and be-all solution. When in reality there are benefits to having money allocated within stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but equal benefits to having money allocated within annuities.

The proverbial million-dollar question we strive to answer is how much money should be allocated to each? Scottsdale Wealth Advisory’s primary focus is finding true balance within every financial plan. We want our clients to experience a more personal relationship built on trust, integrity, and balanced solutions. This experience and realization was the catalyst in creating a family office; thus, Scottsdale Wealth Advisory was born.