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March 25, 2019
By Zoey Thompson

Scottsdale Wealth Advisory founder, Brent Matthew is a registered investment advisor in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. The firm creates custom financial plans using high value, low cost...

Scottsdale, AZ - Far too many Americans look at retirement with fear. Uncertainty in regard to cost-of-living increases, taxes, and stocks has a stifling effect on the economy and has left most retirees worried that their savings and investments will not be enough. Scottsdale Wealth Advisory (SWA) understands these fears and works with clients to minimize the impact of taxes and economic fluctuation on their client’s portfolio. Their unique approach to financial planning was derived from knowledge gained from many years of experience by its founder, Brent Matthew. According to Matthew, nearly all firms represent one of two factions of financial planning.

“The first investment faction believes that buying and selling stocks is the answer to every investor question; these are typical household name ‘Wall Street’ firms,” he explains. “The financial advisors of these firms have been brainwashed into believing that the insurance industry has no viable investment solution in financial planning, while the second insurance faction believes that buying annuities and life insurance and allocating all one’s money into insurance is the answer. The insurance agents of these firms often fear monger that the stock market is always on the precipice of crashing, thus recommending nothing other than annuities.”

According to Matthew, the answer lies in a mixture of both. He tells all of his clients that while there are certainly benefits to having money allocated within the stock market, there is also equal benefit to having money allocated within the insurance market. Matthew says that the proverbial million-dollar question we strive to answer is, “How much money should be allocated in each?” He spent his younger years at Morgan Stanley before moving into insurance and has seen the benefits of both stocks and insurance. The key is to find the right mix for each individual or family. That is exactly why Scottsdale Wealth Advisory encourages constant interaction with their clients so that they can understand their goals and their lifestyle to create the perfect plan for them.

The mission of Scottsdale Wealth Advisory is to enhance the quality of life for all of the families the firm represents. They empower their clients with the knowledge and tools required to make prudent financial decisions with absolute confidence. They believe that a huge contributor to the firm’s astounding success has been their commitment to dialogue and a belief that advisors only advise—they never push.

SWA welcomes all those concerned with their financial situation to visit their website,

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